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SPIKE 791929 Amaranto

51,90 – 55,90




25 - 35

Item number:

791929 Amaranto

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Product details

Graphically tailored and carefully selected leather trims give the Spike and Bike lines a slightly more elegant, but still sporty look. The shoes are designed according to fashion trends and are suitable for girls and boys who are not strangers to the world of crazy activities. We did not forget about comfort, flexibility and, of course, adequate walking support. The sole of the Bike shoe in the front extends slightly higher to protect the shoe from wear. Both lines have a strap attachment that allows for easier and faster footwear.

Upper part:

Textile. Fastening method: velcro stripes.

Inner lining:

Textile lining.


Rubber sole.


What is the correct shoe size?

Measure the actual length of your child's feet in centimetres and add 0.5 cm.
Enter the calculated length for the informative calculation of the shoe size or print a sizing chart.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind the calculation provided is valid for Ciciban footwear only. Also, the shoe size calculation s intended to provide an approximation of your true size and it depends on foot shape and shoe model, therefore sizing may vary accordingly. To find the perfect shoes for your feet, we recommend you to always try on your footwear.

The informative shoe size is:

How to measure the length of your child's feet?

When you measure your child's feet, your child should stand. His/her foot and toes must be level with the surface.