The Art of Shomeking

21. 05. 2021

Shoe design is our mission. While designing Ciciban shoes we always have in mind our little ones, who are eager to conquer their first steps, first experiences and adventures.

It all starts with one idea – ​​what is the next shoe to create. After adaptation, coordination and production, a new shoe is created. Each piece of Ciciban shoe is made with PASSION and tells the story of TRADITION.


Ciciban shoes are special because of five features: stability, quality, flexibility, anatomical shape and spaciousness. These are the features that distinguish Ciciban shoes and are the main reasons why parents most often choose Ciciban shoes for their children.

Simply natural – leather has always been the primary choice for making a durable and quality shoe. Carefully selected materials ensure high quality products, which is why Ciciban experts pay a lot of attention to the choice of materials. Not all materials are equal – each piece of leather has its own purpose and together they create a beautiful product that is reflected in textures, shades, and accessories.

Stability – The stability of the shoe and the correct construction are ensured by the heel and the inner lining, which are the added value of Ciciban footwear. Even though barefoot walking on natural surfaces is most recommended, good support in children’s shoes is very important, as it promotes the proper shaping and healthy development of the child’s foot from the first steps onwards.

Flexibility – The flexibility of the sole and the soft upper part of the shoe are features that will enable comfortable and safe discovery of the world.

Anatomical shape – Each Ciciban shoe also has an anatomically shaped insole made of soft leather, which enables even softer and more flexible walking.

Spaciousness – A child’s foot grows very quickly, so when choosing the right footwear, we must make sure that the footwear is large enough. This prevents the shoe from clogging the front of the foot, as children’s feet are usually wider. That is why it is important to observe the feet – GROWTH is more important than the child’s AGE. This is our guideline, as we design shoes according to the development of the feet and thus accompany them on the path of growth and progress.