Only one is an original CICIBAN slipper

13. 09. 2019

Our toddlers spend most of their day in school or kindergarten, so proper footwear is crucial to their natural foot development. The main goal for Ciciban team remains the right development of the baby’s foot, so we have developed slippers that have become popular with all users – because of their comfort, quality and colorful design.

How are CICIBAN slippers made?

Ciciban slippers are a original Slovenian product. All slippers are distinguished by the classic method of shoe making, which gives the shoe flexibility (soft to bend) and stability. The original Ciciban slipper therefore has:

  • a reinforced heel area that gives stability to the foot
  • a leather cap that protects the front of the baby’s foot
  • shoe uppers made of natural fiber textile, inner lining made of cotton or genuine leather

The slippers are comfortable and soft, and the non-slip sole provides children with a safe and easy step.

In a wide range of colorful designs, each child finds the right design of his or her own taste – flowers, butterflies and pink shades for girls, space motive, comic scenes and fashion colours for boys are just some of the patterns that distinguish Ciciban slippers.

Get your children for a comfortable and safe step. And remember, there is only one original Ciciban slipper.