13. 11. 2019

The shoemaking tradition of our company begins in 1922.

The town of Miren is known for more than 100 years of shoemaking tradition. Small shoemaking workshops were always present and had a great influence on the development of the region.

The Petejan family has always been involved in shoemaking. Today, the third generation is engaged in the production of children’s shoes and they still take shoe making as a mission, since the production of comfortable, high-quality and, above all, appropriate children’s footwear is a big responsibility.

How it all started…

The shoemaking business was introduced into the family by the grandfather Ivan, a tanner. Following the bankruptcy of the shoemaking cooperative, he and his brother, who was a shoemaker, joined forces and bought all the necessary machines for starting a shoemaking business.  And the family story begun.

Ivan passed on his love for shoe making to his son Paul, who in 1953 laid the foundations of the family-owned Petejan Shoe Company. It was Paul who started making children’s shoes, since they used to make mostly men’s and women’s shoes. Paul’s three sons, like him, grew up in a home workshop, so the love of shoe making also passed on to them. The company grew along with them.

In 1994, Ciciban went bankrupt, and in 1996, the Afit d.o.o. was founded and began to manufacture children’s footwear under the Ciciban brand. From a small shoemaking workshop where 12 people were initially employed, a total production of 120 employees developed. Today, the family-owned company is a leading manufacturer of children’s footwear in Slovenia and the wider region.