Happy facts with Ban: OUR COMPANY

07. 11. 2019

Our company in five words – tradition, knowledge, competence, responsibility, dedication

The story of the family brand Ciciban is unique and special, because it truly combines tradition, knowledge, competence, responsibility and, above all, dedication – dedication to the family shoemaking tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation for almost 60 years.

The CICIBAN shoe is a Slovenian product made in a small border town Miren, where over 1500 pairs of shoes are still produced daily. Our products are the result of tradition, knowledge of highly qualified personnel and technology. The company follows technological innovations that ensure the quality and precision of shoe production, while remaining true to the idea that skilful hands give the finished product the highest value and really help to produce a superior product.

The company’s mission and vision remain quality footwear that accompanies children as they discover the world from the first steps on.