Happy facts with Ban: CICIBAN AROUND THE WORLD

27. 11. 2019

In our company we manufacture Ciciban children’s footwear, Balocchi footwear for the italian market and The Next brand for teenagers and adults.

Ciciban shoes can also be found on the Italian market, but you will not find them under the name Ciciban. Our products are present in Italy under the brand name BALOCCHI, which has become an important member of Italian children’s footwear business in just a few years. You can find Balocchi shoes in over 150 stores across Italy.

Interesting fact: In Italy, Ciciban slippers are sold under the brand name Ciciban, as the name guarantees quality, uniqueness and originality.

What about larger numbers and footwear for adults? Ciciban developed children’s footwear into larger numbers, suitable for all fashionable mums, who want to have matching outfits with their daughters. The NEXT brand includes a variety of shoe design that offer comfort and quality – from fashionable winter boomers, sports shoes, ballerinas to summer sandals.