For carefree winter joys, choose Ciciban

12. 12. 2019

The first snowflakes bring immense joy, snowmen and red happy cheeks.

To keep your feet dry during all winter activities, Ciciban presents you the C-TEX® baby snow boots.

The C-TEX® membrane is waterproof and keeps your feet dry and warm. It protects the baby’s feet from the weather and allows them to breathe optimally. The water does not penetrate the shoe, and the moisture generated by sweating exits from the boot.

The original C-TEX® membrane and the quality of the Ciciban brand guarantees warm, dry feet in all snow activities.

Our mission is to take care of baby’s foot.  Ciciban has been making quality baby footwear for many years, accompanying toddlers from the first steps on to the path of all new adventures and discoveries.