Explore your world with Ciciban

16. 11. 2016

Children are born with an unstoppable desire to explore the world, as they are led by an invisible force – curiosity. They begin to discover the world with basic senses: the smell of mummy, sweet flavours, a soft touch, a hazy view, and gentle sound. But soon a child’s world also becomes a world of play, imagination and real adventures.

Ciciban strives for outdoor activities to become an essential part of children’s day, as they develop their independence and at the same time encourage them to learn about the world in a creative and unobtrusive way. A walk in the woods, playing hide and seek, picking up seashells, jumping into puddles, watching autumn leaves, making a snowman … Spring, summer, autumn or winter; the possibilities to play are endless and play is the most popular method for learning new things and discovering the world.

For this purpose we introduced in the beginning of October a new concept of communicating – Discover the world. Parents love to remember how they spent their youth outdoors, being exuberant, sociable and free. Together with their peers they have shaped their identity and gathered a lot of social and other experience, which has proven to be very useful in life. And parents now wish to provide a similar experience of freedom to their children as well. At Ciciban we aim to help children to sense this freedom, independence and desire to discover the world. Ciciban shoes will help and support them in different activities, opportunities and in all seasons.

The world, in which we live, is truly beautiful. However, through the curious and imaginary eyes of children it becomes also admirable. Every moment is a chance to make new discoveries.