Every shoe is labeled and confirms cicban quality

05. 03. 2020

Ciciban shoes are shoes with tradition. The quality of our products is guaranteed by a combination of tradition, experienced staff and modern technologies.

But how can you make sure you’re buying the real Ciciban shoe?

On each of our shoes you can find a label with the inscription “Ciciban”, which ensures that the shoe is a genuine Ciciban shoe. Be especially careful when buying slippers, as there are many approximations on the market that do not provide the same features.

How are CICIBAN slippers made?

Ciciban slippers are an original Slovenian product. All slippers are distinguished by the classic method of shoe making, which gives the shoe flexibility (soft to bend) and stability. The original Ciciban slipper therefore has:

  • a reinforced heel area that gives stability to the foot
  • a leather cap that protects the front of the baby’s foot
  • shoe uppers made of natural fiber textile, inner lining made of cotton or genuine leather

The used materials are natural and therefore absorb the moisture that is created during all children’s activity. The slippers are comfortable and soft, and the non-slip sole provides children with a safe and easy step.