BIO easy summer

07. 07. 2020

BIO – footwear of playful design

In addition to the unique look, Ciciban Bio shoes offer incredibly comfortable and safe walking. The leather lining is gentle on the skin and fits perfectly to the shape of your foot and embraces it. Therefore, Bio sandals are suitable for those who have slightly more sensitive skin and difficulty walking.

The raised inner and lateral part of the sole gives the foot support and adequate grip. The central arch transmits pressure from the back of the foot to the toe and thus allows natural movement of the foot. The soft leather cover, which covers the upper part of the sole, absorbs moisture, the lower part, made of rubber, prevents slipping, and offers additional comfort during wearing. Ciciban Bio sandals are available from number 19 to 42, so moms can indulge in light summer comfort!

Why Ciciban BIO?

We draw inspiration for the Ciciban BIO line from nature, as we use materials that are completely natural and of plant origin. The world’s seas, oceans and forests have become increasingly polluted in recent years due to the increased use of plastics and plastic products. Millions of tons of plastic are dumped into the world’s seas and forests every year, endangering our health as well as plants and animals.

But how are BIO sandals made?

From selected natural, ecological materials, such as CORK – a sustainable raw material obtained from the bark of cork oak and offers very good insulation and a soft step. The porosity of the material allows for airiness and gives the foot a good heat adaptation even on hot summer days.

CORK – a natural treasure. The cork is harvested without cutting the trees, as only the bark is carefully removed with special tools, leaving the plant undamaged. The oak tree regenerates the bark and thus allows us to have a renewable resource without negative impact on the environment.