Together with the local Shoemaking society of Miren, Afit d.o.o. takes care of the leather and shoemaking museum which is located in the company’s premises and is essential for the preservation of the shoemaking history in Miren in Southwestern Slovenia. Miren is renowned for its hundred-year shoemaking tradition. Small shoemaking shops have always been active in Miren, from which a shoemaking industry emerged; so shoemaking has influenced the town’s development significantly. Afit d.o.o. strives to preserve the rich history and share it with the younger generations.

The leather and shoemaking museum of Miren takes you through the history of shoemaking and the manufacture of footwear. The oldest artefacts which are on display in the museum date back to 1900. The museum presents in detail the process of making footwear through time as well as the necessary equipment and machines used in the process of making the footwear.

We highly recommend this museum to anyone who is interested in the history of shoemaking and the history of Slovene products.



The Shoemaking society of Miren

Miren 129

SI-5291 Miren

President: Robert Petejan

T: 00386 5 395 40 66

M: 00386 31 845 635 (Patricija); 00386 41 776 992 (Robert)