About us



Afit d.o.o.
Miren 129
SI-5291 Miren

Phone: +386 (0)5 398 4700
Fax: +386 (0)5 398 4718
E-mail: info@afit.si
E-mail: marketing@ciciban.info

VAT number: SI77223764
Company number: 5929989000


About the company

Afit d.o.o. is the leading manufacturer of children’s footwear in Slovenia and its broader region. The company’s principal activity is manufacturing children’s footwear, wholesale, and retail of footwear under the company’s brands Ciciban and The Next as well as additional footwear offers. The company is present not only in Slovenia, but also in Croatia, Serbia, BiH, Montenegro, Kosovo, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Greece, Russia and Australia.


Contact for business partners

If your company sees an opportunity for business cooperation, you are invited to present your idea with a description of your company and send it to info@afit.si. We look forward to your suggestions.


Our vision

Our vision is to reinforce our position as the leading manufacturer of children’s footwear in Slovenia and Southeast Europe. We achieve this by upgrading our knowledge, investing into product development and marketing as well as by strengthening our long-term business connections.


Our mission

Afit d.o.o. is a responsible business which manufactures high-quality products, made especially for children. Its products combine carefully selected materials, our knowledge and tradition. The primary concern of the company is the healthy and correct development of your child’s feet.

We provide high-quality jobs in the local and broader environment.  In all aspects of our activity we aim to have a positive effect on the environment within which we work.