Designed for children

Our own development department

The Ciciban development department constantly develops footwear that promotes the healthy and correct development of children's feet.
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Every parent wishes their child discovers and conquers the world as safely and pleasantly as possible. Most children aged between nine and 18 months try to make their first steps. In this time children’s feet need a lot of care and attention, so it is very important what kind of shoes we put on their feet. Ciciban is certain that its footwear enables a healthy and correct foot development. Our primary concern is the wellbeing of children’s feet, which is proven by decades of experience, knowledge, our own development, and cooperation with the field.
One of the advantages of Ciciban footwear is our own development department, where constant product development takes place: from conception, execution to the final product. Cooperation with our local kindergarten and school enables us to test each model in every size directly on the children’s feet before it is put on the market. Ciciban shoes are specially designed for children’s feet, ranging from small to bigger sizes.
We are aware that every child’s foot is unique and something special. The healthy development of children’s feet is our mission, which we also try to realize by regularly cooperating with renowned experts. The love and care for children’s feet is the value that connects us and at the same time drives us to make new discoveries, to upgrade our experience and to set our standards higher and higher for the highest quality children’s footwear.

Carefully crafted

Made in Slovenia

Ciciban footwear is a high-quality Slovene product as a result of the knowledge from many generations, combined with the use of modern technology.
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The highest percentage of Ciciban footwear is made in Slovenia, namely in Miren, which is renowned for its hundred-year shoemaking tradition. Ciciban footwear is a Slovene product, which combines quality, knowledge and the tradition of a typical local craft.
The products of our own manufacture are distinguished by the highest quality manufacturing methods, which is the result of knowledge from many generations, combined with the use of the latest technology available today. The company follows the latest technological and mechanical innovations, which guarantee the precise and excellent quality of footwear manufacture. At the same time the company stays loyal to the idea that the skilled hands of the shoemakers are still essential for the final quality of the footwear. Our company is not distinguished just by the quality of our products, but also by its productivity, as more than 2,500 shoes are manufactured daily. In the manufacturing process they are examined by more than 70 pairs of hands of professionally qualified staff.
Take a look at the video below for a short and interesting presentation of Ciciban footwear manufacture.

Selected materials

High-quality and natural materials

We strive to manufacture our footwear with eco-friendly methods; therefore we put a lot of emphasis on the regular quality control of the basic materials.
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Carefully selected materials are essential in order to ensure the highest quality of products; therefore we put a lot of emphasis on the regular quality control of the basic materials. We strive to manufacture our footwear using eco-friendly methods. When it comes to material selection, we prefer natural leather, which has not been processed with harmful or dangerous chemicals. Our products are truly made of natural leather, which can be seen by the minimal differences on the footwear surface or in its colour tones, resulting from the originality and high value of the leather used. At the same time we have been using eco-friendly water-based glue in the manufacturing process for many years.

In this way we strive to justify our slogan “Simply natural”. It refers to the method of footwear design and manufacture, which enables the correct and natural development of the children’s feet.

Modern design

Following international fashion trends

Each season our designers follow international fashion trends, which dictate combinations of different materials, colours and accessories.
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At Ciciban we are aware that apart from comfort, high-quality materials and appropriate footwear, shape, design and fashion also play an important part. Therefore every season our designers follow international fashion trends, which dictate the combinations of different materials, colours and accessories. When it comes to footwear design, we cooperate with Italian designers and experts in the field of fashionable footwear for children. The Ciciban collection is always trendy and suitable even for the biggest little fashion enthusiasts. Ciciban footwear is the perfect fashion accessory, as it is distinguished by its lively colours, shiny materials, glitter, trendy colour prints, and small details.

Personal approach

Competent and polite sales staff

Our personal approach is based on kindness, politeness and competence in order to make the purchasing experience as pleasant and simple as possible for children as well as their parents.
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Suitable children’s footwear is one of the modern parental concerns. Despite the various information available today, parents have difficulty in deciding which footwear is the most appropriate for their child. Small children cannot assess and tells us how they feel in their new shoes or if the size is correct. However, the appropriate footwear and its size are essential for children’s healthy development and their general wellbeing.
Our sales staff in the Ciciban shops are professionally qualified and have many years of experience, so they can advise the parents which model and shoe size are suitable for their child. “When it comes to choosing children’s footwear, the foot’s width also needs to be taken into account, as models are different, just as children’s feet are different and unique. Children need to put on the shoes so we can see how they walk in them, since knowing the shoe size is not always enough,” one of the Ciciban sales staff shared with us.
Our personal approach in the Ciciban shops is based on kindness, politeness and competence in order to make the purchasing experience as pleasant and simple as possible for the children as well as their parents. We are fully aware that shopping with small children can be difficult for parents, so our main concern is to help parents make this important decision with professional and also fashionable tips. While children are having fun in their kids’ corner with different toys, parents have the time to make an informed decision about the purchase. Because of the personal approach of our sales staff and their professional help, the purchase process is usually concluded quickly, which is surely a big advantage for parents with small children.

Tradition and quality

Almost a hundred years of shoemaking tradition

The beginnings of the family trade go back to 1922, when Ivan Petejan started to manufacture footwear.
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The almost hundred years of shoemaking tradition of the Petejan family go back to 1922, when Ivan Petejan started to pursue the shoemaking craft. The family tradition of manufacturing adults’ footwear and later exclusively children’s footwear was continued by his son Pavel, who in 1953 set up the basis for the family trade. Through the years the needs and demands for children’s footwear increased, so the Petejan family decided to increase their manufacturing abilities and capacities. For this purpose, in 1995 the family bought the o Ciciban Miren company premises and secured as well as relaunched the children’s footwear brand Ciciban.

Apart from Slovenia, we are present in more than 15 countries around the world: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovakia, Poland, Canada and Australia.

Advice for parents

Born natural from the very first step

Dear parents, welcome at Ciciban, where experts will take care of your child's foot.
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More advice about how to choose the correct footwear are available in our brochure.